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the cerebral city


A curious exploration of the power of public space, urban design, and finding yourself in a city


Documentary, 2015 | 11:22
Directed, Shot & Edited by John Moody

A young Australian woman discovers Melbourne’s public spaces through the narration of a charismatic designer who helped transform these spaces from a dying wasteland into vibrant places for people.

Featuring Xiao Han Drummond & Ian Dryden
Original music by Andrew Tuttle
Moodyfilm + City of Melbourne Urban Design

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A beautiful and engaging short film about the life of the Melbourne side streets
— Gehl Architects

Shot in 2014 with the generosity of my new mates and city designers, this film reflects my own sense of self-discovery when I first wandered Melbourne’s laneways. Prior to this I’d become sort of disillusioned in my own relationship with filmmaking, but Melbourne inspired me to chase that magic place between information and emotion by combining an urban design tour with a "sense of place" meditation.

I hope that people who watch this can get excited about creating cities that are dynamic, creative and inviting to anyone.

“a fascinating look at urban design and understanding spaces”
— Congress for the New Urbanism