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Redemption Square Credits

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Lorraine Morland, narrator/star

Lorraine is a healer, spiritual director, and musician from Los Angeles. At the age of 30 she was gainfully employed and busy raising four children, but a toxic marriage forced her into eight years of homelessness on the streets of downtown L.A. On October 6, 1994, a nun from Good Shepherd Center refused to let Lorraine spend one more night outside and sent her on a path toward sobriety, self-sufficiency, and a happy marriage to the late photographer Chris Morland. Lorraine never passes up a chance to share her story in the hope that it might help someone. She is an advocate for Women Against Gun Violence, sings in the group Urban Voices, and can often be found walking her dog Mercy in Pershing Square. She hopes to visit San Francisco soon to revisit the spot where she and Chris spent their honeymoon.

Lisa Biagiotti, narrator/star

Lisa is a writer and director based in Los Angeles. She is interested in exploring counter-narratives, the unexpected depths of individuals, and the world behind the headlines. She writes and directs for TV, online and print publications. Her 12-part docu-series on homelessness, On the Streets, became the most watched series in Los Angeles Times history. Her award-winning documentary deepsouth changed the conversation about HIV/AIDS in America. Lisa's work has been featured in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and on PBS and NPR. She was an inaugural Sundance Artist-in-Residence at MIT Media Lab. Lisa has won a Fulbright Award and a Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award, and was nominated for a National News Emmy, Livingston Award and Ridenhour Documentary Film Prize. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

John Moody, writer/director

John is a filmmaker, planner and designer currently based in Los Angeles. He is focused on using creative media to understand people's lived experiences and help them reimagine their physical environment. He works as a digital imaging technician on the set of films and TV shows, including four seasons on Fox's New Girl, and holds a master's degree in city planning from MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning. He recently co-founded Invisible Cities Studio, a collaborative organization that helps people plan and design cities using visual storytelling.

Anne Whiston Spirn, producer/advisor

Anne is a landscape architect, photographer and author based in Boston. She is known for her work in helping people see cities as part of the natural world and in promoting community-oriented spaces that are functional, sustainable, meaningful, and artful. She is a professor in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT, where she teaches courses on urban development, ecological urbanism, and photography. She is the 2001 winner of the International Cosmos Prize, and won the 2018 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for the category of "design mind."

Historical Narration

Anne Whiston Spirn as Mary Taft
Mordecai Newman as Mayor Turner
Daniel Gallagher as Louis deBuff
Curtiss Bradford as "Judge" Silent
Andrew Sheffield as Jim Kepner
Greg Allen as Walter Braunschweiger
Alexandra Hensley as Janet Marie Smith

Featured Park Visitors

Isabel Bombaes
Orlando Ortega
Gabriel, Rachel & Oliver
Suzuho & daughters
Maria Violeta
Tran Louis IV
“Mrs.” Toni Beasley Stubbs
Jordan, Kerry, Tiffany & Emily
Marsha Mathurin
Lindsay Evans

Richard Batts
Lenny Tim
Christine Castillo
Adrian Newcomb
Jose Flores
Vicky, Kristin, Christi & Jagger
Nancy Lee Kelly
AB “The One-Winged Angel” Aponte
Jonathan “JC”
Mariachi Raza Jalicience


Sound Design

Colin Yarck



Drew Ganyer
Garrett Lamb
John Moody

Motion Graphics

John Cranston
John Moody
David Vega-Barachowitz


Edited by 

John Moody

MIT Thesis Committee

Anne Whiston Spirn
Dennis Frenchman
Brent Ryan

MIT Production Support

Ryan Chin
Mary Jane Daly
Ezra Glenn
Devon Monroe


Los Angeles Production Support

Barbara Biddle
Demetrea DeWald
Adrianna Garcia
Marcus Hill
Tara Kramer
JoAnne Luna
Megan Mascena
Eduardo Santana
Gus Sedano
Anthony Segarra
Robert Tomaszewski

Story Advisors

Shirley Anderson
Patti Behrman
Jeff Berris
Claire Bowin
Russ Brown
Louise Capone
Brian Glodney
Sarah Hernandez
Greg Hise
Jen Hofer
Con Howe

Annie Laskey
Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
David Maestres
Nick Maricich
Laurie Olin
Aaron Paley
Stephanie Ritoper
James Rojas
Don Spivack
Mark Wild
Rosten Woo


Archival Research

Stephanie Arias
John Cahoon
Sue Campbell
Glen Creason
Jonathan Crisman
Lisa DeLosso
Maria Angel Diaz
Tom Gibson

Michael Holland
Courtney Lam
Paul Liles
Kyle Morgan
Christina Rice
Danielle Toronyi
Erica Varela
Stacy Williams
Annie Watanabe-Rocco


Additional Interviewees

Adrienn Chandra
Alex, Kayla & Brian
Andrew Goats
Angel & Alena
Austin Brittany
Carolyn Mansager
Claudia Argueta
Dena Rey band
Geoffrey Leffridge
George R.

Hang Phan
Ignacio, Juan & Macarena
Jacob & Kara Richardson
James & Mark
Jessica Almeda
Joe Therman
Julia & Kelly
Justin Mozer
Kevin Ross Koon

Leland P. Morrill
Lovisa Kjerrgren
Melissa Robles
Patrick Ginter
Shane & Kelly
Sidney Javet
Teresa Fredrickson
Tony Bazurto & Pedro
Ward Whitney

Special Thanks to

Josh Albrektson
Russ Alsobrook
Emmerich Anklam
John Arroyo
Chelsea Bernier
Gary Carr
Shannon Constantine Logan
Anne Dobson
Santiago Fernandez Reyes
Natalia Gaerlan
Francisco Garcia Espinosa

Max Greenfield
Sandonne Goad
Maria Gonzalez
Naomi Guth
Javier Leal Navarro
Richard Levin
Dan Magat
Amber Mccall
Patrick Maxwell
Aditi Mehta
Josh Paget

Edgar Perez
Scott Reyes
Damon Rich
Bernard Sears
Susan Snyder
Hannah Teicher
George Thomas
Larry Underhill
Larry Vale
Sarah Zurell

Very Special Thanks to

Curtiss Bradford
Xiao Han Drummond
DUSP Class of 2016
Louise Mbella “Sinai” (Frenchy)
Timothy Moody
Jeana Moody
Brent Ryan
Eduardo Santana
Eric Sheffield
Gail Stearns
Mary Stevens
David Vega-Barachowitz

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Heavy Machinery Excavating the Site of the City Garage in Pershing Square, Los Angeles, 1951

People Sitting in the Shade of Large Trees in Pershing Square, Los Angeles, ca.1900-1909

Portrait of Andrew Glassell

by Charles C. Pierce:

Pershing Square, Showing Bandstand in the Background. ca. 1895

Bannana Trees along a Path in Central Park (Later Pershing Square) 

View of Pershing Square Park, Looking Northwest from 6th Street and Hill Street, Los Angeles, ca.1885


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Lorraine Morland Family Photographs

courtesy of Lorraine Morland


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Foot Patrol
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Instant Cop
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LAPD Film (Can 6) Freeway Opening

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Your Traffic Officer

Downtown View and Montebello High School Cheerleaders
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Intersection Control
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Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club

Underground Garage Pershing Square
by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission


Pershing Square-Postscript
by Jerome Henkel
January 29, 1988
Negative 306484
Box 3881

by Bob Jakobsen 
October 28, 1952
Los Angeles Parks
Box 2081

Pershing Square
by Rosemary Kaul
November 16, 1990
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By Day / Menace
by Robert Ritchie
October 12, 1948
Negative 54129
Box  49

Pershing Square Garage
August 26, 1954
Negative 88705
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William Frederickson Jr., Robert Howe and William T. Wright Examining Model of Planned Redesign of Pershing Square
July 22, 1964


LA Aerials
ca. 1980s

LA Attitudes
ca. 1990


Dinner at Clifton’s, 1947
by unihikid

L.A. Cal 5th St West of Hill St, 1908
by M.B. Photo

Pershing Square/Date Unknown
by Ethereal_reality


The Olin Studio

Pershing Square Illustrative Site Plan
by Ricardo Legorreta, Laurie Olin, Barbara McCarren, Langdon Wilson
March 11, 1992


Pershing Square Renew: The Dynamic Heart of Los Angeles
by Agence Ter and Team
Design plan: 22. 2016

Pershing Square Los Angeles

Pershing Square Renew / Launch Party

Pershing Square Renew / Vision


John Gately Downey

O. W. Childs, a Portrait

Portrait of Dr. John Strother Griffin
ca. 1880 

Portrait of Prudent Beaudry


Other Sources

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