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Poetic Structure


An exhibition at the intersection of art, architecture, & engineering


Poetic Structure: The Exhibition | 05:56

Poetic Structure: The Process of Building the Exhibition | 04:23


Video Campaign, 2018
Directed by John Moody & Sue Ding

My studio partnered with SOM on this project to document this exhibition in ways that highlight the collaborative spirit of their work, as well as unexpected relationships between their work and the exhibition's unique setting, the 1922 Schindler House in West Hollywood.


Short Clips


"Poetic Structure: Art + Engineering + Architecture," a special exhibition presented by the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles in partnership with SOM, celebrates the interconnected qualities of architecture, engineering, and the visual arts. Presented during the summer of 2018, the exhibition illustrates SOM’s multidisciplinary practice, past and present, and the way design and engineering can be integrated to achieve works of public art.

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