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God in the High Sierra, 2011 - 2013

My father calls himself a 'recovering Lutheran' which means he no longer goes to church.  I would argue though that he still seeks God, in the mountains.  The following were taken with him in the Eastern Sierras, the San Gabriels, and Carlsbad Beach.

Way Out Back, July 2013

I still can't believe I got to visit Australia this summer, during its winter. The following shots were gathered in the Northern Territory, where the crocks roam free, and in Tasmania, one of the most unexpectedly stunning places I've ever been.

Don't Go To Bali to See Things, July 2013

If you go to Bali, spend no less than a week there. In the course of a five-day solo trip I barely glimpsed anything deeper than the tourist's experience and was frustrated at being chauffeured around to the places I wanted to see. 

You don't travel to see things, you travel to be somewhere.

Costa Rica, December 2011

Oregon, 2008 and Arizona, 2005