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Imagínate Monterrey

Cinematic vision for the future of Monterrey, Mexico


Cinematic vision for the future of Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey Proposal 2017-02-08-1-sm.jpg

Community film visioning - in development
Executive Producer: John Moody
Project Team: Javier Leal Navarro, David Vega-Barachowitz
Invisible Cities Studio + Capital Natural

The metro area of Monterrey, Mexico is exploding with the energy, creativity and spirit of a great world city. However, this same energy keeps Monterrey stuck in place, lodged between polarized responses to deep-seeded urban problems.

Using the magic of film, this project endeavors to create a shared vision for the city. By holding up a mirror to the diverse stories and dreams of everyday citizens and communicating a vision of the future based on commonly-held values, we seek to provoke the types of conversations that can build a future belonging to all regiomontanos.


Proposal slides