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2010, dramatic short directed by Eric Sheffield, shot by John Moody

I loved the geography of this shoot: all of the locations were within one city block.  To this day it contains some of my favorite shots.

2007, senior thesis film at Pacific University

My most successful experiment with visual storytelling before I'd ever set foot on a professional movie set.  Adapted from six pages of this book, with the author's blessing.

"An American Werebaby in America"
2011, 4 min, directed by Eric Sheffield, shot by John Moody.

Shot this over a couple beers and Saturday nights. Great fun.

"The Wrong Tone"
2004, 2 min.

A cautionary tale about the isolating effects of cell phone use.

2004, 10 min.

An urban political thriller / action movie shot in rural Pullman, Washington (a town of 25,000) and Moscow, Idaho (a town of 25,000).