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Galapagos Video Chronicle

2011, full video is 30 min, edited by John Moody

Edited a week's worth of footage from a Lindblad Expeditions adventure cruise to the Galapagos Islands.  This is just the intro.

"Blowing Up"
2008, 5 min, directed by Neal Corl, edited by John Moody

"The Repel"
2006, 1 min.

A greenscreen disaster movie.

"Sister Grad"
shot 2008, edited 2012, 5 min.

An homage to my sister's high school graduation, edited and presented to her for her college graduation.

Music: 'Aghadoe' by Julia Massey & the 5 Finger Discount.

"On the Road with K. Fiddy" Episode 1
shot 2005, edited 2006, ~5 min.

Tried a multi-panel edit for this travel journal.  The four episodes spans Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, San Francisco and Lassen National Park.