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Audience Reaction to The Cerebral City

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What is clear from the video is that it took a lot of work convincing property owners and getting them to buy into the vision. Being able to repurpose the laneways often meant punching through blank walls at the base of buildings. And so there was pushback.

Here in Toronto I’ve heard people say that we’re not Melbourne and we shouldn’t expect to have similar kinds of urban spaces. Well guess what, neither was Melbourne in the 1980s and 1990s. It was a dying city. But they made it happen.
— Brandon Donnelly
A beautiful and engaging short film about the life of the Melbourne side streets
— Gehl Architects
a fascinating look at urban design and understanding spaces
a short new documentary on attentive urbanism
— Congress for the New Urbanism
This is an AMAZING video of Melbourne and some of its recent history... The creator loves it as much as we do!...
— Melbourne Party People
Logo copyright Arlene Nathania @ 2015

Logo copyright Arlene Nathania @ 2015

There is another kind of urban beauty on the great southern land. Directed, shot, and edited by John Moody, this video explores the charm and vibes of urban spaces and pathways of Melbourne’s urban fabric.
— Entrepreneurial Urbanism & Design

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